Cats Cannon



Cats Cannon is experienced by using the left mouse.

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Cats Cannon

Wow! Cats Cannon – an amazing physics game is coming to all players, and it will bring them lots of fun. It will be a pity if the game is missed. Take time to enjoy it now! In terms of the basic goal, it is quite similar to shooting games. It means that the players are required to get rid of all dogs from the game field by launching cats at them. It’s easy to find that the cannon is the only weapon to create spectacular shots. Thus, let’s adjust it like suitably setting the power and trajectory before clicking to launch. Notice that several cats own special abilities consisting of dividing themselves into three little cats or releasing bombs in the air. Don’t forget to use such these abilities to explode the dogs along with blocks around them more easily. Get ready? All challenging levels of Cats Cannon are waiting to be discovered, all players.

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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