Use the arrow keys to play the game.

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Finding out suitable ways to get the key for unlocking the door in the current level is the important goal to access the next one in Buttonx20. Try to overcome all challenging levels for achieving the victory. In order to reach the target of the game, the players have to get three main works done. The first one, jumping on buttons at the bottom of the game interface to deactivate the laser is what the players must do to open the way for the protagonist. The second one, grab the key above the laser, and the last, jump into the door. Notice, the higher levels will contain challenging puzzles of deactivating the laser. At that time, attempting to find out probable ways such as pushing buttons to other positions, jump on other buttons or any specific ways is really necessary. Don’t let the main character fall into the spikes and some dangerous traps, or the game will be over easily.

Date Added: 2013-08-21

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