Bubble Tanks Arenas




Use WASD keys to control the spaceship.
Shoot by the mouse.

Game Details

Bubble Tanks Arenas

There is a series of bubble tanks everywhere in your planet. Come on and save it now, guys. Look! They are entering the universe and destroying all of the radar systems. There is no time for you to hesitate anymore. Let’s go and eliminate enemies to protect the planet safely. Play Bubble Tanks Arenas and start your supreme duty. At first, players need to control their spaceship and fly everywhere to find the bubble tanks. Never let any of them survive on the planet. The more enemies’ tanks are ravaged, the more points the players achieve. Once seeing them, please shoot lasers at them to kill them. After these red tanks turn into the blue ones, please hurry up to collect these blue ones to boost the energy as jumping from bubblefields to bubblefields. Hope you win the battle, guys! Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-07-15

Category: Action

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