Bubble Tanks 3




The WASD keys are to control the spaceship.
Shoot by the mouse.

Game Details

Bubble Tanks 3

Are you looking for the most wonderful version of Bubble Tanks? Don’t need to find anymore. The latest version – Bubble Tanks 3 will bring you a great adventure on a planet. Wow! Why don’t you explore it and enjoy its spectacular moments now? Here we go! This time, players have to protect a beautiful planet from terrible attacks of bubble tanks which are planning to destroy and dominate this planet. Don’t wait anymore. Get ready for the battle now. The players have to drive their spaceship to every corner of the universe to destroy enemies. During the battle, never hit any of the bubble tanks, or the spaceship will be exploded. Try to jump from bubble arenas to bubble arenas for popping the enemy bubble tanks. Once beating rivals out, they will change into purple bubbles. At that time, come to collect them for more powers. Don’t forget to upgrade and repair the spaceship as you progress, guys. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-07-17

Category: Action

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