Bubble Struggle 2




The arrow keys are used for moving.
The spacebar is to shoot.

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Bubble Struggle 2

For all bubble game lovers who have known about Bubble Struggle and played its first version, Bubble Struggle 2 will be really challenging and interesting. Remove all of your hesitation to go on to the latest episode of Bubble Struggle, all players! In reference to the primary rule and objective of this fascinating game, players are provided with a pack of many levels, and each one is about dividing suggested bubbles into the smaller ones by shooting a weapon in the hands of the game main character. Each time one of those bubbles is broken into the smaller ones, some power-ups or items will appear; they can be Boost (faster movement), Slow motion (slow down bubbles), Red Arrows (extra time), Ice Vine Weapon, Flower Weapon, Shields, and others. Remember to collect them for more points and complete each of the levels. Enjoy Bubble Struggle 2 and have fun with it!

Date Added: 2014-07-12

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