Brave Kings Level Pack



Brave Kings Level Pack is enjoyed by using the mouse.

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Brave Kings Level Pack

If being proud of your shooting skill, you should not neglect Brave Kings Level Pack since it is a convenient environment to practice this skill. The game is a pack of 20 levels relevant to the task of defeating kings who are inside or on top of constructions. The major weapons for this task are crossbow, cannon, trebuchet or their combination. In some difficult levels, the kings can be protected by strong planks and blocks. At that time, let’s interact with several possible tools to create accurate shots. It’s noteworthy that the kings possessing green aura are the allies of the home force, so they must be kept alive. By the way, try to correctly aim at the kings before clicking to shoot because you just have the limited number of shots. Get ready to play? Come on!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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