Bommerang Chang




The right arrow key is to throw boomerangs.
The up arrow key is to jump.

Game Details

Bommerang Chang

There is an amazing and thrilling story in Bommerang Chang. Would you like to uncover what is going on here? Come on! It will fascinate you, no matter what.

The exciting game is relevant to a courageous boy who is in front of dozens of dangers. A few days ago, he got lost in a cursed and dark city while traveling around the world. The truth is that discovering this land is his unhappiness because there are terrible, aggressive, and bloodthirsty creatures here. At the moment, he needs your assistance to guide him to the victory in the fight against those enemies before he finds out the exit to escape from the land. As seeing, he just possesses boomerangs, but the enemies are equipped with frightening weapons. As a result, try to throw each of the boomerangs at the targets exactly. Here is all about the significant mission here.

Bommerang Chang is ideal to experience as it offers you sensation as you're traveling in the dead city. Come on!

Date Added: 2015-09-03

Category: Physics

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