Bob's Balloons



Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. You can also hold the mouse to shoot automatically.

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Bob's Balloons

Play Bob's Balloons on Cool Maths Games Online: Bob's Balloons is a fun shooting game for kids. You need to shoot all balloons in each level to clear the level. Don't lose your live and try to unlock all of the achievements : Achievements 1 : Pop 20 red balloons during single level. Achievements 2 : Beat the final boss. Achievements 3 : Play the game more than 20 minutes. Achievements 4 : Survive for more than 140 seconds in the Survival mode. Achievements 5 : Unlock all balloons and bonuses. Achievements 6 : Pop 4 balloons in a one shot. Achievements 7 : Lose the level. Achievements 8 : Pop 2500 balloons totally, 2459 to go. Achievements 9 : Submit your score. Have Fun !

Date Added: 2012-09-07

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