Bloons 2




The mouse is to shoot.

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Bloons 2

Ninja Kiwi is going to prepare for the final training course. If he acts well, he will be recognized as the best ninja. Be curious about his training? Want to know? Please access Bloons 2 and see his action now! Shooting all the balloons down is the final request of the training. However, the ninja needs to spend a long and tough task with 90 stages and 8 different zones. Hence, give him a hand so that he can complete all in the soonest time. In each stage, players have to destroy the given number of balloons with available arrows. Try to obtain the request before running out of the arrows, okay? Ah, don’t miss using Max Power to increase the arrows’ power at the best rate. In addition, the players should enter Store to purchase some necessary things in order to assist the ninja a lot. Let’s take action and wish you have more excitement!

Date Added: 2014-08-18

Category: Physics

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