Black Bit Ninja




The mouse is to move and attack.

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Black Bit Ninja

Hey, kids! Are you looking for a very funny action puzzle game to relax after a hard-studying day? Let’s enjoy Black Bit Ninja. This time, you will play as a ninja who has special abilities to save the world from evil enemies. Right now, many alien creatures are destroying lots of cities. It is time for you to attack your opponents and kill all of them before the world belongs to these hateful aliens, kids. In the game, players will guide the ninja to the enemies by jumping or dashing his way around each stage. Once he hits them, it means that they will be dead. However, players just have a limited number of dashes, so they need to plan and strategize attacks as well as their moves ahead. During the game, please watch out for rotary saws. Never let him fall into it, or the game is over. Have fun, kids!

Date Added: 2014-08-26

Category: Physics

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