Black 4




Move around: WASD.
Shoot: the mouse.

Game Details

Black 4

Welcome to Black 4 – the fourth version of the top action games, all game addicts! There is a very vital mission waiting for you to carry out. Are you brave enough to accept it? If yes, time to travel with us! This mission is to enter a secret building and kill a ringleader. Players will be equipped with lots of powerful weapons such as guns, swords, chainsaws, and grenades. According to each certain situation, pick up the right weapon to defeat enemies. Got it? Don’t forget to follow some instructions to move through the building with ease. Of course, shoot down any soldier on the way. However, remember to avoid their counter attack to protect the health. Additionally, the players should study new technology, upgrade their capacities, and change the weapons. It’s actually a long and challenging adventure in killing the ringleader. Attempt your best to gain a win soon!

Date Added: 2014-09-20

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