Bit Battles




Use the mouse as the sole key to play this game.

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Bit Battles

Are you a big fan of fast-paced strategy game? Hurry up to enter Bit Battles right now, all fellows!

In this awesome game, the players' major mission is to control an army to fight against the enemies and protect a castle. Can you carry out this task well? Let's get started! To achieve a victory, players must overcome all challenging levels in there. In each level, you have to battle against the opponents in 3 main stages. When accessing to the arena, be quick to recruit as many soldiers as possible to prevent the rivals from approaching your base. Don't mind to use bombs to destroy a large number of them. However, bomb and soldier will cost lots of manas, so players need to wait a little bit for its recovery. At the end of each battle, please visit Shop to purchase some necessary items to prepare for the upcoming fights.

Try hard to conquer the enemies' territory, ok? Wish you succeed in Bit Battles!

Date Added: 2015-03-09

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