Big Evil Robots



Big Evil Robots is managed by using the mouse.

Game Details

Big Evil Robots

Inhabitants of a beautiful city are being threatened by a big evil robot that wants to dominate the entire city and push them towards the terrible life. A brave little boy volunteers to fight against this enemy to recover the city’s peace. If there is your participation in Big Evil Robots, the boy can get the victory in the fight more easily. Take some moments to give him a hand, all players! It’s surprised that the way which the main character uses to face the evil robot is extremely special. This is to adjust a small slingshot to fire marbles at the robot’s core to destroy it. It’s noticeable that the number of these marbles is limited. Thus, try to correctly aim at the enemy before firing. Remember to pick up gold coins for more score. Get ready? Let’s go!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Physics

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