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The main key to take control of this game is the mouse.

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Bieb Blaster Cool Math Games

Bieb Blaster is an awesome shooting skill game. Feel excited and cheerful? If you’re good enough in shooting, be nimble-footed to come with us and show up your true ability right now. The main request here is to aim the cannon and shoot bombs towards a given target. But, to attain it is not simple. Why? It’s because players have to face some obstacles such as blocks, walls, chains, etc. Therefore, they need to break all these things or control the cannon cleverly to aim accurately. Surely, all depends on the players’ excellent skill. Since this game doesn’t limit the number of shots, do their best to shoot down the target quickly. Relying on that, they will get lots of scores. Importantly, try to obtain the highest score after spending 20 stages successfully. Be willing to play? There we come!

Date Added: 2014-08-14

Category: Physics

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