Bieb Blaster



Bieb Blaster is controlled by using the left mouse.

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Bieb Blaster

If getting fed up with the peaceful scenery of girly games, you should change your taste by something crazier. Perhaps, Bieb Blaster – a cool physics-based skill game will be a good selection in this case. The objective of the game is to accurately fire at a cartoon caricature of Justin Bieber by adjusting the gun in hands of a soldier and launching bombs. Try to explode him at any cost because this is the only way to complete each level. Notice that the bombs only work when they meet together, or they touch Justin Bieber. Thus, don’t try to destroy blocks and other objects, but let’s take advantage of them to move the bombs towards Justin. By the way, it’s advised that the players should minimize the number of shots and quickly hit the targets for the gold trophy. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Skills Games

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