Bazooki A Silent Affair



Bazooki A Silent Affair is experienced by using the mouse.

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Bazooki A Silent Affair

Hey guys! If you thirst for becoming a cool marksman in the future, Bazooki A Silent Affair – a physics-based game will be a great chance to improve your shooting skill. In this game, players are asked to control a bazooka-wielding character called Charlie Chaplin, who has a penchant for looking at explosion and wants to cause it. At present, let’s adjust the gun in his hands in order to shoot bullets at all required TNT barrels accurately as this is the ultimate purpose during the game. Remember that there is only the limited number of shots for completing each level. As a consequence, it’s strongly recommended that the players should exactly aim the gun before shooting. It’s special that the bazooka-wielding character can be deployed at more than one area. Don’t forget about that. Get ready? Come on!

Date Added: 2014-02-13

Category: Skills Games

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