Banana Barrage




Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the flying direction.
The spacebar is to set up the power and launch bananas.

Game Details

Banana Barrage

Coming to Banana Barrage, you will get the most absorbing moments with playing with Donkey Kong – a lovely playful monkey. This character is trying to throw bananas at barrels, but it seems that if lacking your assistance, he will not do that well. Take time to get access to Banana Barrage so as to check your shooting capacity as well as help him right away! The majestic game has an only level, and the chief work of each one is obviously to toss lots of bananas into barrels according to its suggestion. Firstly, adjust the left and right arrow keys to aim at each target. Later, hold the spacebar to increase the power of the toss. Finally, release the spacebar to launch the banana into the target barrel. Try to give many of the right tosses to achieve many scores. Notice that each of the barrels has an allotted time to wait to be hit. Thus, be quick-handed, all guys!

Date Added: 2014-08-08

Category: Physics

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