Back To The Stars



Use the down arrow key or the S key for starting repair.
Use the A, D, W key to move the ship
Use the mouse to attack.

Game Details

Back To The Stars

In the space exploration, the spaceship of the adventurer is broken down because of the crash involving a flying rock. This is why his journey is stopped at a strange planet. Fortunately, this planet contains various materials used for repairing his spaceship. However, there are a lot of monsters playing roles as guards, and they won’t let anybody take valuable resources away from this planet. As a result, the players will become controllers of the main character in Back To The Stars to help him overcome attacks of the monsters and collect necessary materials. After having many resources, the players should come in the SHOP for buying weapons and devices, or enter the CRAFT for upgrading the spacecraft’s equipments. Finally, press the S key or the down arrow key to repair it for continuing the trip.

Date Added: 2013-08-22

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