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The left mouse is used to enjoy Awesome Conquest.

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Awesome Conquest

While many different kinds of game are spreading on the net, simple and quick strategy games also try to fascinate online players. Awesome Conquest is a typical example. Make no scruple to become its players right away! Give it a try!

In the game, there are many activities for each player. First, build a strong bastion with a large troop for the fight against the enemy force. Second, train warrior units and transfer them to the main battleground, and the war between 2 forces will take place automatically. Thirst, hire monks and miners to mine gold as well as increase the total budget. Next, buy acts of God, and strengthen the troop to prepare for the next battle. Coming here, players are requested to become a general in the conquest war. It's interesting!

It's right time to move to Awesome Conquest and get full experience of the conquest war. Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-05-25

Category: Physics

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