Aqua Boy




Movement: WASD.
Shoot: the mouse.
Map: M.
Select the items: Q/E.
Get the instructions: spacebar.

Game Details

Aqua Boy

Love savoring terrific and thrilling feelings from a wonderful adventure? If it’s your desire, please do not miss Aqua Boy – a very interesting adventure game at the moment. Are you fully prepared, guys? Time to travel! In this game, players will go with a boy and discover an aquatic world. Don’t be scared because this game provides necessary instructions. Remember not to skip anything to know how to play, okay? Direct the boy to gather vital items, annihilate strange and dangerous critters, upgrade the current weapons, and take some unique capacities. Relying on that, the players might come to new areas with ease. However, they should be cautious when controlling the boy to fight against the critters because he has 3 lives in total. The aquatic world includes lots of secrets as well as dangers. Uncover and then tell everyone about it!

Date Added: 2014-07-05

Category: Action

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