Apple Cannon




The mouse is to aim and shoot.

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Apple Cannon

As you expect, a series of shooting games appears. Hurry up to pick the coolest one – Apple Cannon and revel in great shooting moments. Besides, it helps to improve and prove your shooting skills. If you are good at aiming and shooting, you can win this game easily, guys. Let’s go and show how amazing your skills are. In the game, players have to control the great cannon to shoot apples into a bucket. Each of the levels has the target number of the apples, so they have to aim the goal and shoot the apples at the bucket accurately. Ok! It is time to use the cannon to fill the bucket with the delicious apples. During the game, try to move objects which prevent the apples from reaching the bucket in order to shoot better. Remember that the number of the apples is limited, so try to avoid shooting many of them if you want to get 3 stars, guys. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-07-29

Category: Physics

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