Angry Pirates




Angry Pirates is played by using the left mouse.

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Angry Pirates

Angry Pirates is known as one genre of pirate-themed physics game which is inspired by Angry Birds. There will be lots of unexpected surprises waiting for you ahead, so don’t miss such cool game, all guys! Angry Pirates lasts in 20 levels in total, and each one includes some following activities. First, control and adjust the only cannon on the boat, and then fire different kinds of bombs to defeat enemy pirates. Remember that each of the levels gives each player the limited number of bombs, so try to be clever to exactly aim and fire at the foes. Nonetheless, it’s certain that nobody wants to use all of them for completing the objective, but take advantage of a few of them for extra points. One beneficial thing is that the trajectory of the previous shots will be performed to help the next ones to be done more easily. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-07-25

Category: Action

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