Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple



The game is played with the mouse.

Game Details

Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple

You are going to deal with the puzzles in Lion Temple. Clearing jewels on the board by shooting 3 or more similar jewels helps you win the game. If jewels hit the game field, you will lose the game. You can move quicker as well as easier if you use bonuses. Bonuses include bombs, backlighting, lightening, reverse, deceleration, ‘any color’ balls and black bombs. Each bonus has its usage such as bombs which you need combine the bomb with 2 or more similar balls to blow up all of them. Lightening deletes 7 arbitrary balls on the board. Furthermore, other features like great graphic, nice music and various bonuses make you enjoy the game.

Date Added: 2013-01-09

Category: Adventure Games

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