Amigo Pancho 5




Clear each level by utilizing the mouse.

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Amigo Pancho 5

Grab your baggage and jump into Amigo Pancho 5 for another cool journey! You'll get a chance discovering the Arctic along with Mr. Amigo! Can't wait any longer, right? Come on!

This man has gained public's recognition after making an adventure by wielding the wind-power of balloons. Sounds awesome, huh? Let's take this occasion to find out more about this unique vehicle! Via this game, the players need to assist Amigo in performing necessary tasks to protect the beautiful Arctic, i.e. digging through dirt, removing platforms, opening gates, and sliding objects. The core target is – create a clear path for the traveler. Significantly, keep him floating to the top of the screen. If you pop any balloon, he'll be in danger, and the journey will have to stop instantly. Collect more stars for more bonuses!

Avoid colliding with spike traps, ok? Wish you conquer the task in Amigo Pancho 5!

Date Added: 2015-09-18

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