360 Degree Breakout




Control the paddles: left and right arrow keys.
Use the cannon: spacebar.

Game Details

360 Degree Breakout

360 Degree Breakout is a terrific game which gives you an awesome chance to check your cleverness and nimbleness. Wish to try at the moment? If yes, go with us now! The chief task here is to collect all of the balls in a circle. Players will have 5 times to shoot another ball towards the remaining ones to collect. However, this ball can bounce up and down, so don’t let it touch the edge of the circle. To prevent this case, the players need to control 2 paddles around the circle. Do cleverly, cautiously, quickly, and exactly to let the ball continue bouncing. In addition, don’t forget to gather Bonus Balls to receive more scores. Especially, remember to use the cannon to shoot down a couple of aliens because they will steal the balls. Be ready to challenge your ability? Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-07-01

Category: Action

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