3 Foot Ninja 2




ASD keys are for attacking.
The arrow keys are to move.

Game Details

3 Foot Ninja 2

If you have ever enjoyed 3 Foot Ninja, it is sure that you are looking forward to exploring its newest version. Don’t need to wait anymore. Let’s go and enjoy – 3 Foot Ninja 2. This time, the adventure will be more challenging, dangerous, and interesting. Get ready to make a cool journey with your little Master, guys? One day, this little master was on his way to travel the world, and he saw that many evil forces were attacking innocent civilians. He couldn’t stand that bossy attitude of enemies, and he started fighting them. Hurry to give the master a hand, guys. In the game, players will help him to complete 5 missions. At first, he will kill these evil forces and rescue residents. Next, he will rescue the Princess by breaking into the base of enemies. During the journey, never let opponents beat the master out, or the mission is over. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Category: Action

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