3 Foot Ninja




The arrow keys are to move.
ASD keys are to attack.

Game Details

3 Foot Ninja

In a village, many people were dead without any reason. That is so difficult to understand what happened. A brave ninja decides to go around his village and find the answer. Finally, he detects that many bad evil forces are dominating his small village. They steal 5 scrolls of the elders which help everyone live lifelong. If the ninja finds these lost items, he will rescue his villagers. Let’s go and help your ninja, guys. Play 3 Foot Ninja and begin the fight. On the way to figure out the destiny for civilians, players will face a series of obstacles and enemies. At that time, come on and use the powerful sword judiciously and swiftly to kill the evil forces. Besides, watch out for different tricks of opponents and try to be fast to counter their attacks. Hope you get the scrolls back and have a good fortune, guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-25

Category: Action

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